The 1st Islamic Microfinance Roundtable Conference was organized by IMFN at the University of Punjab (UCP) on July 20th, 2017. The main aim of the conference was to hold an inclusive dialogue discussing the set of common challenges being faced by the industry and proposing action items as the way forward. The discussion was based on the following three sessions:

Session 1 – Policy & Regulatory Issues
• Shariah compliant funding/financial resource pool
• Standardization of industry indicators
Session 2 – Product Innovation & Technology
• Adoption of technology for increased transparency and efficiency
• Product innovation and development
Session 3 – Capacity Building
• Board of Shariah Advisors
• Capacity building of practitioners

It was chaired by Dr. Amjad Saqib, Chairman IMFN and Executive Director Akhuwat. Mr. Farid Sabir, General Manager PMIFL was the Guest of Honor. The conference was attended by stakeholders from different sectors including microfinance, banking, academia, information technology and telecom.

As an action item of the discussion, working groups will be formed for standardization of industry indicators, policy regulation and use of technology. To further the dialogue process, IMFN’s Annual International Conference 2017 will be held in November.

IMFN would like to express gratitude to UCP for being the Conference Venue Partner.

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