As a continuation of our Umeed-e-Seher Speakers Series, IMFN invited the distinguished Zain Ashraf Mughal of SeedOut on May 25th 2017 at AISEM.

Zain Ashraf is known not only as a social entrepreneur but a philanthropist and a renowned IT consultant as well. He is the Founder and CEO of SeedOut, which Zain terms as his passion. The concept of SeedOut is based on microfinance and uses a crowd-funding process to create funds for underprivileged individuals to set up and start their own businesses. SeedOut uses modern technological methods to connect the borrower and donor, and allows donations to be re-invested again and again into multiple potential micro-entrepreneurs. By doing so, SeedOut aims to alleviate poverty and build economic stability.

Zain stressed upon the fact that hard work, determination, and faith were an integral part of his success story. He quoted “If you believe in yourself, everyone comes together to help you succeed”. He discussed how imperative it was for the youth to indulge itself into the process of improving Pakistan’s economy and to giving back to the society. Zain believes that failure is nothing to be afraid of and instead “It is the best education you can get”.

He continues to fulfill his dream and has taken another leap forward by also providing education to the children of those 250+ underprivileged individuals who SeedOut has helped over the past couple of years. 

Zan is a Director at Hardees Pakistan and Super Asia Group and has been rated as one of Pakistan’s Top 25 High Achievers. Seed Out was also awarded Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Programme Award.

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